The Anxious Prop Case 5: The Intellectual Property Issue

Dezember 15, 2013

LEHRTER SIEBZEHN – OPEN | PROJECT | SPACE Lehrter Straße 17, 10557 Berlin

Co-directed by Jan Bovelet and Miodrag Kuč edited by Luis Berríos-Negrón

Contributors: Aram Bartholl, Mario Carpo, Gabriella Coleman, Ben Cope, Florian Dombois, Julia Gill, Tim Gough, Lukas Hagel, Alex Head, Anna Kostreva, Jonas Marx, Jonathan Pierini, Gerald Raunig, Carrie Roseland, Gabi Schillig, Florian Sievers, Sebastian Weindauer

Lukas‘ cover for his dj-set of the evening with a transcription of Leibniz‘ diagrammtical sketch of the functioning of knowledge processes.

The issue of intellectual property has gained new momentum with the dawn of the digital habitat. Good half a millennium ago, not long before the printing press was invented and put to work, the architect Leon Alberti Battista introduced methods for the identical reproduction of drawings as a way to protect his original designs from the distortions through analogue reproduction. Today, in an ever expanding collective immersion in identically reproducible things – there is nothing in the digital habitat that can’t be copied –, tables have turned. If everything can be copied, originality and the expression of authorship change their position in cultural topology – a change that has massive impacts on the concept of intellectual property in the whole spectrum of our ways of dealing with reality.

The turn bears tremendous implications for the formation of the emerging digital global societies. Post-Snowden, we only slowly begin to understand how the digitalization of everything is affect- ing our day-to-day reality and the Gestaltung of urban spaces. In Case 5: The Intellectual Property Issue, The Anxious Prop sets out to launch a public complot to intervene in the issue of intellectual property in the digital habitat by way of a collective public intervention and a new edition of the AXP feuilleton. […]

Objective Dialogues: Moabiter Geschichten

Oktober 10, 2013

Festiwalla 2013, 16.-19. Oktober, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Theaterprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit Alex Head, Miodrag Kuč, Patrick Kochlik, Kristin Anschütz und Sabine Schulz Blank

Der Workshop bittet zum gemeinsamen Hantieren mit Objekten und zum Erforschen von Ausschnitten der Geschichte Moabits. Er wendet sich an das Wissen und die Erfahrung der Besucher des Festivals und öffnet einen Raum der spielerischen Kommunikation. Das Projekt will damit zugleich aus der konkreten Geschichte Moabits erzählen und den Vorgang des Geschichte-Machens — im Theater wie anderswo — sichtbar machen. Am Ende jeden Tages steht ein improvisiertes Theaterstück mit dem Ensemble des Jugendtheaterbüro Berlin.


In preparation: The Anxious Prop Case 5: The Intellectual Property Issue

Oktober 3, 2013

Co-directed with Miodrag Kuč (, edited by Luis Berríos-Negrón (

December 15th 2013, 19:00h, LEHRTER SIEBZEHN

We have been working on it for a while now: together with Miodrag Kuč and Luis Berríos-Negrón I have been busy with the development of AXP’s 5th case, called The Intellectual Property Issue. Not everything but still much is in the making, two month away from the event at LEHRTER SIEBZEHN the collective is shifting into working mode. This is a mission statement for something that has yet to be detailed out.


Objective Dialogues: Y-Table

September 21, 2012

Operational Drawing of the Objective Dialogues Y-Table

Operational drawing of the Objective Dialogues Y-Table

Anti-curatorial installation for collective insight processes

The Objective Dialogues Y-Table consisted of a three way, Y-shaped table with 4 analytical examination stations, a display system, examination sheets, audio recorders and a facilitator. The examination stations refer to classical scientific methods in order to question the contemporary alliances between scientific research and the arts. This is equally indicated by the title of the project: Objective Dialogues are not objective but about objects. […]

A Sketch for a Collective Offline-Hub

Juli 4, 2012

A collective writing experiment

View of the projected pad

Eric Ellingsen was so kind to invite the AXP for a contribution for the Institut für Raumexperimente „TRANSLATION ACTS“ project in the „The World is Not Fair“ exhibition in the Tempelhofer Feld. We brought a ‚modded‘ etherpad as a prop to experiment with, so that everyone on site could hook on to the same pad with any WLAN capable device and write together.


The Anxious Prop Case 4: Reviewing Making-Visible

März 30, 2011

[cvg-video videoId=’1′ width=’636′ height=’400′ mode=’playlist’/]

30.3.2011, 19:30,

Das 2009 von Luis Berríos-Negrón initierte Kollektiv The Anxious Prop (AXP) veröffentlicht in unregelmäßigen Abständen Positionen zur politisch-kulturellen Dimension von digitaler Fabrikation und der Entwicklung des digitalen Habitats in Form von Ausstellungen und Publikationen.

AXP Case 4: Reviewing Making-Visible thematisiert die verschiedenen Strategien und Formate des Sichtbarmachens von Objekten, Strukturen und Prozessen in beschreibenden und gestaltenden Wissenschaften und Künsten. Um theoretische Debate und künstlerische Intervention zu verzahnen, wurde Case 4 als ein Ausstellungs-Konferenz-Hybrid konzipiert, in dem Theoretiker und Künstler mit Argumenten und Objekten/Installationen aus verschiedenen Disziplinen und Bereichen zusammentreffen konnten.

Gemeinsam kuratiert mit Luis Berríos-Negrón.

Wrecking Pendulum: The Digital Habitat and Urban Editing as Emerging Practice

Juli 29, 2010

Installation for The Anxious Prop Case 2: Have Balls [Eccentric]

Different layers of Alexanderplatz, Berlin

The destruction and replacement logic of urban planning that is obvious at Alexanderplatz and elsewhere is not unusual in urban planning. It is the result of different and deeply entangled historical developments; very often these developments are approached via a criticism of capitalistic positivism which subordinates ever more aspects of life under economically quantifiable patterns.


Urban Props

Juli 29, 2010

First model for the wrecking pendulum, Kuc's and my contribution for The Anxious Prop Case 2: [Eccentric] Have Balls

First model for the wrecking pendulum, Kuc’s and my contribution for The Anxious Prop Case 2: [Eccentric] Have Balls

Urban props have the remarkable ability to simultaneously critique and destine the production of new urban design. They orient urban practice on all scales, from the smallest urban furniture to the over-regional master plan. They do so by being essentially open and indeterminate and, at the same time, providing a stable common framework. […]