Visual rhetorics of the smart city

Oktober 19, 2015


The concept of ‚making the city smart‘ is propelled ceaslessly in the media, and sometimes even heralded as the ultimate salvation of virtually all urban problems. Under the framework of the CyberParks projekt (COST action TU1306) Catarina Patrício Leitao PhD is joining me at the faculty of architectural theory at TU-Berlin to conduct a short term scientific mission (STSM). During her stay she will research the implications Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have on the procuction und appropriation of urban public spaces, and particularly one emblematic concept: the smart city. Even though  the concept has gotten quasi-omnipresent lately, it is charged with varied and often also conflicting connotations and it all to often remains unclear what it means in concreto. Catarina intends to lay first theoretical traces by way of accessing the penomenon by way of it’s visual rhetorics that manifest in the output of different actors involced in smart city discourses.

Her report on the visit can be found here: