Corporate urban furniture, space, and money. A sketch for an artistic research project

Februar 25, 2017

In lieu with the Hacking Urban Furniture Project, I will hold a workshop at the upcoming symposion XXX 7./8. of April at ZK/U.

Image: sia


The basic idea of the project is a Marx-inspired exploration of the economic logic of corporate urban furniture with a focus on exploring it’s spatial patterns. It’s not about a rigid application of the Marxian technical apparatus, but, as a start, about embracing his critical perspective on economic patterns. The first step in Marx‘ critique of political economy was a sorrow historical analysis of how economic surplus is generated: in order to be able to critique economic inequality one has first to understand the regime of capital accumulation that produces the inequality. The first volume of his Das Kapital[1] is a minute analysis of contemporary modes of the generation of economic surplus with a particular focus on Great Britain and the so-called Manchester-capitalism, as well as of then current theories of economic surplus such as e.g. Riccardo’s and Smith‘. Only after this empirico-historical analysis Marx sets out for his own theoretical description of capitalist accumulation and economic surplus in the subsequent volumes of the Capital, posthumously published (and edited) by Friedrich Engels. […]

How to write a history of BIM from an epistemological point of view?

Februar 9, 2017

From the presentation sheets

I’ve presented my research of the historical development of BIM at the 2nd colloquium on the history and political critique of architecture at the Politecnico Milano. It was a great get together again, my talk on the other hand went not quite that well^^. There really seems to be a hiatus between architectural theory and the technical background of formal logic descriptions, and the digital machines they are implemented on. It really is strange that in spite of the omnipresence of the computer in architectural design, it still is predominantly used accepting it’s status as a black box. With BIM as my objective of research, the next thing to settle is the way i handle the technical parts about logical formalism.