A Sketch for a Collective Offline-Hub

Juli 4, 2012

A collective writing experiment

View of the projected pad

Eric Ellingsen was so kind to invite the AXP for a contribution for the Institut für Raumexperimente „TRANSLATION ACTS“ project in the „The World is Not Fair“ exhibition in the Tempelhofer Feld. We brought a ‚modded‘ etherpad as a prop to experiment with, so that everyone on site could hook on to the same pad with any WLAN capable device and write together.

Collective Writing goes with talking, always.

After a bit of technical and conceptual explanations, we took the opportiunity to test the prop and exercise a bit in collective writing.

Some outcome


with Miodrag Kuc, Philipp Bosch, and Sabine Schulz Blank


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