Paper Sketches

Mai 7, 2016

Paper sketches is a collection of papers-that-should-be-written, at least from my point of view. It’s a collection of ideas I did not get to detail out and think through in detail, due to a lack of time, of knowledge and experience, and/or a suitable group within which an appropriate intellectual dynamic could enfold at the point when these ideas occoured to me. It is, if you will, the fallout of my intellectual and design engagements that did not yet find a proper frame to be developed.

My category paper sketches does in no way exclusively refere to the composition of scientific papers; it referes to ‚thought projects‘ in the broadest way as well as to the design of practical/material projects. And it is, crucially, a declaration of a will to collaborate and to engage in new frames.

All paper sketches can be found under the tag #paper sketches.

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