Jan Bovelet

April 4, 2013

foto: Sabine Schulz Blank

Jan Bovelet (Dipl.-Ing., Mag. Phil.) is an author, theoretician, and architect based in Berlin, Germany. In his work he focuses on the impact of digitalization processes on architectural design and the production of space, both theoretically and by way of artistic research projects. What he is interested in is the potentials of information and communication technologies (ICT) for the design of architectural and urban projects, both as design instruments and on the level of the design of the agency driving these projects. In this perspective, architectural theory becomes a critical project (again), which researches and comments on the contemporary production of space on the basis of epistemological conceptions. Jan has worked on and curated various exhibitions, publications and conferences. He is a member of the architecture and urban planning office urbikon.com. Currently, he is working at the department of architectural theory and design at University of Kassel, Germany, and enrolled as a PhD candidate at the department of architectural theory at Technical University, Berlin.


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  1. Christian - Juni 22, 2016 3:12 pm

    Hi Jan! Ich hoffe ich erreiche Dir über diesen Kanal. Deine alte Handy-Nummer ist glaube ich nicht mehr gültig. Komme im Herbst für ein Jahr nach Berlin. Just to let you know. 🙂 Kannst Dich ja mal melden, wenn Du Zeit hast. Würde mich freuen! Lieben Gruß, Bolzano-Chris


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